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01 May 2012 @ 11:14 am
Past Misunderstandings  

Past Misunderstandings:

1.) "He looks so scary, like he'd kill a bitch. Shiii, he looks like a rapist... He's so sexy!!!"

2.) Replying to the statement: He got kids- "Awww. I love kids! I'd be a great mother!"

3.) "Sexy and cute are 2 diff things. Sexy is the swagger and body. They're just decent looking. Cute is just the face. I'd rather have sexy any day!"

4.) "Cutbuddies are NOT the same as Fuckbuddies! We aint doin' shit!"

5.) "Dang, if only I was like that (a hoe)... U know how many (penis)..."

6.) "U can't demote me!!! I'll kill a bitch 1st. U aint never getting rid of me. NEVER!!!"

7.) "He thinks he's slick. He aint fooling me. I'm gonna... And then.... It's war now!"

8.) "Plz, I could never be a gold-digger! I wouldn't date an ugly; I gotta look at him! Anyway, I gotta personal bank called Parents' Funding."

-- Ummmm, yea. I can see why people think I'm kraziii. But I can explain...